The SVB Developer APIs use conventional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.

Error response codes are accompanied by a JSON body with a single error key. Here are some example codes:

Error Code Meaning
200 OK – The request succeeded, yay!
400 Bad Request – Your request was somehow malformed.
401 Unauthorized – Your API key is invalid.
403 Forbidden – You don’t have access to that resource.
404 Not Found – The object you’re requesting doesn’t exist.
500 Internal Server Error – The API server is down. Try again later.

Example error message:

  "error": "'total_card_amount' must be greater than 0."

General Error Messages

These errors could occur throughout the API, across all endpoints. Endpoint-specific errors are documented in each endpoint’s section of the documentation

Code Error Message Description
404 404 Not Found The URL requested (or the object requested) does not exist.
503 MasterCard is currently unavailable. The MasterCard backend service returned an error, preventing the API from creating, updating or deleting a VCN.